How to Modify Shoes

How to Modify Shoes

How to Modify Shoes

have shoes that are worn out and want to be thrown away but it’s a shame because they are still good and rarely used. Then you can modify your shoes by repainting them or adding other decorations. Shoes will indeed make the user bored if they are always used. Sometimes what becomes boring to have shoes is the shape and motif. Moreover, having the same color of shoes, of course, the longer you will get tired of seeing the shape and color of the shoes. Here’s how to modify shoes


Shoes can of course be painted and given a unique model. Shoes that have a color that you don’t like but you like the model, of course, you can change it as you like. There’s nothing wrong with changing the color of your shoes when you’re not using them at school. Use special paint so that it has a color that is not too shiny at all.

Change Strap

Shoes that have a color that has been modified are better off using a modified color too. Because changing the color of the strap will make you more trendy. Reverseimagesearch
An ordinary shoe will look very expensive with only decoration. Those of you who dare to wear glamorous decorations will make yourself more confident. There are decorations that are not glamorous depending on what you use. As long as lots of ideas are poured, you will have lots of cool modifications to your shoes. You can fill shoe decorations with feathers, glitter, diamonds, or whatever is cool.

Keep in mind that changing shoes should not be used in school. However, modified shoes may only be used outside the scope of the school. Modified shoes when used in a school environment will look strange. Because schools focus on learning, not a place to show off.

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