The difference between bulk oil and packaged oil

The difference between bulk oil and packaged oil

The difference between bulk oil and packaged oil

Almost all people depend on cooking oil. Making many oil makers overwhelmed by the demand for cooking oil. Glad to hear that all people use cooking oil in large quantities. It can be said that cooking oil has managed to monopolize the industrial world. But because of the large demand for cooking oil, it is expensive. Those who use packaged oil also switch to bulk oil because the price is cheaper than bulk oil. So there is a difference between bulk oil and packaged oil.

Can be used

Not everyone has a steady income and more so they use bulk oil. Even so, many residents and the public say that bulk oil is also not in a hurry to be used for sautéing or frying. As long as you know how to use it and the dose of use, it is safe for consumption. Reverseimagesearch


There are many types of differences that we can see between bulk oil and packaged oil. These differences will let us know and become the reason for being chosen, namely:

– bulk oil

Bulk oil is better known as residual oil or unrefined oil. The model of bulk oil packaging is only in liters and in plastic bags and on the ticket. The color of the oil produced is not clear and there are also some types of small fat visible in the bulk oil.

Does not have a brand name or label. Buying bulk oil can be done at food stalls, markets, and several small stalls at home. The oil packaging when it arrives is in the form of a large drum which is pumped and placed in the oil container. Bulk oil has also not been filtered so several types of fat and small lumps are still visible in the oil.


In terms of cleanliness, bulk oil can be said to be a little dirty. Because when the bulk oil arrives, we have to first literate the oil and then tie it with rubber. After that, we just have to arrange it and sell the oil. Small and practical packaging allows residents near their homes to buy at low prices.

Packaged oil

Packaged oil is oil that is processed by purifying the oil several times to obtain a clear, golden color. Oil that has a brand or company mark and has an official label.

The oil is so clear and clean. The cleanliness that is applied is very good. Because the oil packaging comes from the factory makes the packaging clean. Even if it gets dusty it can be wiped and cleaned easily. Packaging for selling packaged oil in each product is different. Some are packaged in models such as aqua, 1 liter, and 2 liters, and use bottles until they come with a large Drigen model.

Prices on oil

The existence of large bottles of oil-to-use containers makes many residents want to buy it and when they run out they can also take advantage of the place by buying refills and refilling them back to the bottled oil place.

Even though there are many types of criteria mentioned, this does not make residents who buy bulk oil stop. The price for selling on the market is cheap. As for packaged oil, the selling price is a bit too expensive. Buying bulk oil does not need to go far because every small shop also provides bulk oil.

For packaged oil, you have to go to a large shop or the nearest mall and supermarket. To choose a good oil, you can start from several aspects, no matter if the oil is bulk or the packaging, you have to be careful: look at the color of the oil, check the cleanliness of the oil, color, and much more.

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