Online media in Indonesia is Tribune The online news circulating on the internet is very well known so not a few people follow the news that is issued. There is a lot of news presented by Tribune News where the news will be taken from Sabang to Merauke. Of course, tribune news is very easy to get interesting information because it has many journalists everywhere from each province and the local area.

If you want to get the best news from tribune news, of course, you don’t need to doubt it, because tribune news itself often gets awards for the best online media. What makes tribune news a lot of awards is that there are categories that are very easy to see. The following are the categories

– Business

News about the business that was raised from the stands was property, infrastructure, transportation, investment, Micro, Macro, and others. To find out about business developments, of course, you have to always read the news that exists from sharing online media. Reverseimagesearch

– News
The news categories on the stands cover education, sales, regional, metropolitan, national, and even international.

– Celebrities
Not only news about the world, but artist news is also available on tribune news. From gossip news, music news, photos of various celebrities, cinema, and TV will be reviewed along with the news tribune.

– Lifestyle

Women who want to look beautiful and fashionable can use news from newsstands to complement each other. Various fashion, family, and home-style news will also be discussed from several places and information.

– Automotive
Want to know the price developments of cars, motorbikes, or other vehicle goods, you can follow developments from the stands. Apart from that, there is also an automotive community that you can join or even race from Moto Gp and Formula 1.

– Health
News about health, sex, and even news about cleanliness that all people in this country should be aware of will be discussed if it is really worrying.

– Career
Don’t have a connection to work, of course, the stands will provide information regarding what work you will do.

– Travel
Those who like traveling from one place to another, of course, can check the news from the newsstands. In addition to news about traveling somewhere, here you will find various types of food-related to your trip.

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