Have you ever heard of kerosene? Kerosene is a type of fuel that can be said to be dangerous. Kerosene has a distinctive aroma and clear color. The presence of keroseneis very helpful for users. When in the 90s kerosene became fuel for stoves, lamp oil, and much more.

Kerosene is also a fuel that has been used frequently before electricity existed. When electricity was not available, many people used oil lamps to light their homes and roads using torches. The emergence of Keroseneis not like now which is difficult to obtain and price is also very expensive.


Kerosene when it came before electricity was inexpensive. Reserseimagesearch – The price is cheap and can be obtained easily. Keroseneis also called kerosene. Provides many benefits for all residents when Keroseneis present. These benefits are:

– As fuel

The fuel in question is oil which is often used in the form of cooking and lighting and many more. Fuel containing Kerosenecan speeds up the combustion process. It didn’t take long to catch fire in an instant. Not only for cooking and lighting but kerosene can also be used for machinery. There are machines that also need fuel, namely jet engines.

– chemical research

Many researchers are curious about kerosene. It has a clear color like water but has a pungent smell. There are places where diamonds or some types of iron are made using Kerosene. Not as a fuel but as a coating in maintaining moisture. Examples of crystals that will also experience dryness requireKerosene as a storage area so that the color of the crystals remains clear and translucent. Likewise with some iron content which also requiresKerosene.

Getting hard to get

When the stove began to appear, many residents started using kerosene stoves. Stoves that useKerosene fuel with the help of a wick become stoves for the whole community. The price that was presented at that time could be said to be cheap and could be obtained so that there were no difficulties.

Every place and area has Kerosenewith varying prices. There is no set price and many sell them. But right in the 2000s kerosene began to experience an empty crisis. Makes it difficult for the seller to buy it. Having to queue for a long time to get oil and even prices that are starting to rise high make the users helpless.

Sometimes to get Keroseneyou also have to subscribe first so you can get the oil. The price of oil when it was still safe was six thousand per liter and until now it could reach Rp. 20,000 per liter. Depending on the value of the price that the seller gets from the oil supplier.


Kerosene is obtained from oil and natural gas. If you look at the extraction process, they have to drill several parts of the earth to produce oil and natural gas. Refining and observing the amount of oil and gas available. There are several theories from an expert saying:
– If kerosene is obtained from several types of organics such as animals and plants that have died and were buried with sand and rock types, oil and gas are created
– some say that oil and gas are formed from oxygen, sulfur, and several substances that can form, and many other opinions.

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