Cooking oil

Cooking oil

Cooking oil

Of course, the mothers at home when frying prepare the best oil in each frying pan. So that fried crispy and Krispie. But did you know that cooking oil actually comes from refining? Cooking oil is obtained from parts of animals or plants which are purified and then cooking oil is formed.

Various types of oil are present in many circles, from well-known brands to what is commonly called bulk oil. Golden yellow liquid packaging can be formed from several times of purification at the manufacturer’s level. Almost every day, of course, the mother will use cooking oil as a basic ingredient for cooking spices.

Can only be used before changing color

Reverseimagesearch – Even if we play at a friend’s or relative’s house, we will definitely provide cooking oil. In life, nothing can be separated from CookingOil. The whole community is bound by CookingOil. The ability of cooking oil is very beneficial. It can be sautéed, fried, and can also be used as an additional flavoring ingredient in every meal.

In its use, CookingOil can last quite a long time. When frying cooking oil can be reused. To fry the CookingOil, you can use it again 2 to 4 times, fry it, or until the oil changes color, you can’t use it anymore. If the oil changes color when it’s fried, it can’t be used anymore.

How to save

It’s really a shame to throw away oil, but do you know friends and mothers that oil that has changed color can cause disease? Because the content in CookingOil is gone when the color changes. This will make the oil saturated and the taste of food fried in oil that changes color is very unpleasant. many benefits

To make oil look durable and not damaged, you can store it by:
– Store in a place that is not hot
– freeze oil
– keep it in a slightly dark place
– save oil don’t open it often.
In this way, we can keep the cooking oil from spoiling its contents. Many think that cooking oil can also be a cause of disease. This can happen not because of the oil but of ourselves who can’t maintain a healthy pattern.


Cooking oil can also attack but can also provide many benefits to the body as well. The benefits contained in CookingOil are:
– can help diet
– keep the skin moist
– take care of the heart and blood vessels
– reduce joint pain
– prevent osteoporosis
– increased immunity and many others.

Negative impact

Maybe those who are starting to reduce fat feel confused about why oil can help diet even though it can cause excess fat. This can happen because it is too excessive in consuming foods that are full of oil. Cooking with oil is good for the body’s system. But if excessive can have bad effects such as:
– easy fat
– had a heart attack
– had a stroke
– sore throat
– high cholesterol and much more

So do not consume foods that contain oil in excess. You can enjoy food processed with CookingOil, but you also have to regulate the amount of food that is good for the body. If necessary, take the time to move small to get food down which can help the oil join the body system quickly. It has good benefits for the body and is kept in check.

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