Why did the price of eggs go up?

Why did the price of eggs go up?

Why did the price of eggs go up?

Of course, many are wondering why the price of eggs has risen. Eggs are one of the proteins most often mentioned in terms of 5healthy and 4perfect. But if thePrice goes up, how can people enjoy eggs? Every day the price of eggs is not the same. Always changing.

Make people who buy eggs not respond anymore. Since we first learned that the price of chicken eggs has gone up, many residents have bought and stored chicken eggs. Who wouldn’t be surprised if thePrice of eggs went up? Of course, everyone will immediately hunt for eggs, both housewives and food sellers.

Of course, you are wondering why it can go up

Reverseimagesearch – According to the Minister of Trade, Syailendra said there were 3 things that caused the price of eggs to rise.
Starting at least the chicken breeders lay eggs
Since the pandemic, the government has advised residents to limit their activities outside the home. Including chicken egg breeders also participate in implementing government regulations. This makes a lot of eggs accumulate. Breeders experience problems due to the accumulation of eggs. Eggs that have piled up are also given a cheap price. This is what makes many egg breeders suffer losses.

Eggs that are sold cheaply actually make farmers suffer losses due to the high cost of production materials. This has made egg-laying chicken owners bankrupt and has also reduced the stock of egg-laying chickens.

Increase the chicken feed

Both domestic and foreign feed prices have increased. This makes farmers confused about caring for chickens.
What triggers the chicken egg to rise is also social activities. Every time you do a social distribution, of course, you don’t forget to include a chicken egg. This makes the market demand assistance more and more. Meanwhile, those for sale often experience vacancies so thePrice of eggs also rises.

Until now thePrice of eggs is always changing prices. Making many egg sellers confused about the fixed price. However, some residents are no longer concerned with the rising price of chicken eggs. They still buy but in small quantities.