Coldplay Group
Coldplay Group

Coldplay Group

Coldplay Group

The Coldplay band, which was originally formed by students from London, is already well known. The Coldplay band has become a world-class band. There have been many works that have been made so that many people know this one band. Coldplay Group

The beginning of the formation of the Coldplay band is certainly not easy but consistently makes this group famous everywhere. Starting from 2 people, this band, of course, brought in several people in it. Because you want to have a band, of course, you have to complete it with drummers and others. Reverseimagesearch

A collection of the best songs from Coldplay

The Scientist 2002
Fix You 2005
Viva La Vida 2008
Paradise 2011
Magic 2014
Miracles (Some One Special) in 2014.
A Sky Full of Stars 2014
Adventure of a Lifetime 2015.
Hymn For The Weekend 2016.
Something Just Like This 2017. Reverseimagesearch