History of the Stove

History of the Stove

History of the Stove

Stoves used to be not just cooking tools but stoves were synonymous with a room. People who have a kitchen will definitely have a stove. The stove is not just a sweetener but a stove is indeed a tool that is often used for cooking anything.

Stoves have a different history in each country, so you have to understand ancient stoves

Brick Furnace

in ancient Roman times the stove was in the form of a stove made of red brick and to be able to light it must have used firewood. It turns out that it was not only the ancient Romans who had experienced it because until now there are still brick stoves that use it. Feel the heat from the furnace is not from the heating meter but through the cavities. Reverseimagesearch

Clay Furnace

Clay furnaces at that time were found in China. How to make a clay stove is not difficult. And how to use it the same as a brick stove. Using this stove still requires firewood.

3. Iron furnace
Iron stoves used to be used with wood fuel. But now iron stoves can be used with gas. The iron stove at that time was in the form of a table and under the stove hole there would be a place to put the wood. But now the iron stove has a round shape at the top to place the pan and the legs are only made with 3 equal sides so that it can stand up perfectly.

4. Oil burner
Oil stoves until now are rarely found. Because the oil stove has a rather difficult maintenance. What was more difficult was putting kerosene on the stove so it would light up.

5. Gas stove
Gas stoves also currently have a variety of burners. Those of you who have excess costs can use an elite gas stove.

6. Electric stove
the electric stove appeared not long after the gas stove. If you don’t like having a lot of dangerous stuff in your house then an electric stove is the best answer.

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